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 Packet Editing / Game Hacking

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PostSubject: Packet Editing / Game Hacking   Thu Apr 01, 2010 4:21 am

Credits goes to freakon of CE Forums and to all contributors of this tutorial
please dont be angry to me if i just copy & pasted it


REATED BY:kerito

i'd rather not spend the entire time writing about what packets are, or how they work, etc. the focus of this tutorial is to get you familiar with some basic usage of winsock packet editor. i have the most difficult time finding a half-way decent tutorial on winsock packet editor now days. originally, i discovered packet editors back when i was playing a game called the realm and ran into a guy who could dupe or just do these crazy tricks in this online game [the realm]. figured it looked pretty cool, so somehow i got a hold of his aol sn and to this day i still talk to him occasionally.

we'll be using a game called vagabond's quest 2. there are a few reasons i picked this. first, it's beta. that means it's still under development and there are likely to be bugs. more than likely, the game's security
is on the low-end and probably won't catch on to packet editors yet. second, i'm familiar with this game. i've played the older versions, so i know how it works. finally, it's a simple, clean client. there's not a lot of data transfer at all. this makes it easy to sniff and watch packets. the game code is very simple and after you see the packets you'll know what i mean.

1] run wpe

start up wpe and make sure your screen looks something like mine.

2] run your target program

in this case, run vagabond's quest 2 beta. i'll refer to this as vq2 from now on.

3] specify your target program

in wpe, hit the button. find vq2 from the list, select it, hit open.

4] start logging [sniffing]

let's get to sniffin. hit the triangular button that says "start logging" when you roll your mouse over it. notice the packet meter. each time a packet is sent or received, the number will increment by 1.

5] send a message or watch closely

quickly send a message or watch what happens in the game closely. recognize when text is sent, when an action is sent, etc. everything you see is most likely delivered in the form of a packet, which you will be looking at in a second. i would recommend typing in something like "hi."

6] open wpe back up and stop logging

at this point you have all the information you need. hit the "stop logging" button.

7] look at the packets

for this example, i have several packets. the function tells you whether the packet was received [recv] or sent [send]. the packets you receive are almost irrelevant, they only show you the data the server sent you. you can't do a whole lot with this. a packet editor cannot edit packets sent to your computer, only packets you send to the server. so look at the packets with the tag "send."

my packet sent is 20 hi.. the 20 is the command to send text. hi is what you sent. the two periods in most cases signal that the packet has ended. you can figure out other packet sends and their commands by experimenting further. go back and enable logging while you click some buttons or just send more text. you're only going to figure this out by trying for yourself.

the source is where the packet comes from, it's followed by the port. my ip address
is sent with packets i send, with a port that has been opened for access to this game. the destination is where i am sending my packet, or the server's ip address. it also uses a port. size indicates how big the packet is obviously, but the packet itself looks like how it appears in the source and destination. the function column has converted the packet code into text you can understand...

look again at the packet i sent. 32 30 20 68 69 0D 0A. 32 and 30 are integers [32 = 2, 30 = 0]. together they send the command 20 to the server, which could only be the command to send a message to everyone in the chatroom. any number that starts with a 3 is followed by it's integral value after it [30 = 0, 31 = 1, 32 = 2, etc]. the 20 represents a space, followed by 68 and 69. each of these represents a letter [68 = h, 69 = i .. notice the pattern]. 0D 0A will signal the end of the packet, also notice this is on every other packet too.

what would happen if you sent the following packet: 32 30 20 68 69 20 68 69 0D 0A
break it down: you got 32 30 (20). that triggers a text-to-everyone type of function on the server to process. it realizes that you want to say something, now it decides what. 68 69 will print "hi." 20 is a space, and you just repeated the code twice, so the output would be: "hi hi hi." quite annoying, i woudln't recommend sending a packet like this. but how do you send the packet?

8] go back to wpe to send your first packet

not convinced that packet editors are cool? let's send your first packet to the server, with no interaction at all with the game client. just simple packets of data. maybe this will help you understand how most online applications/games work. in wpe, click on the tab [it's on the actions console]. this is where wpe pro really shines. it will do all the dirty work of copying the packet and sending it for you with all the needed data automatically collected. in older versions, this became a long process that required some patience. first of all, right click on the packet of data you want to send to the server, such as the text that said "hi." move down to select either "send." if you hit send, go back to your game and you will see that text appeared on the screen that you didn't even type. you didn't believe me did you?

what just happened? you just sent a packet of data, identical to the one you just sent previously. the only difference: the code was carried out in the game by a simple command button. by sending the packet, you sent the same message, but without pushing any buttons. it's just the same, and hard to grasp at first, but it all comes down to data. whatever you send will get processed. the game may put restrictions on you in the client [such as having to wait a second before entering another line of text]. these are where packet editors become very handy, because you're no longer going through the restrictions of the client. you have direct access to the packets and the rate at which they are sent, or what is contained in them. from here, you can use wpe to have packets sent at a constant, automated rate [i would not recommend this for making flooders, it's not really that impressive and it will probably result in your account being banned if the game uses moderators, and vq2 does].

9] adding packets to your send list

if you want to send a chain of packets at once, or you just want to be able to store them, save them, and manipulate them in an organized fashion, you should know how to send them to the packet list. right click on any packet sent [i.e. "hi"] and move down to "add to send list." this will place that particular packet into a list. double click on the packet to edit the data inside of it. be careful not to adjust the size unless you are adding on to the packet and remembering to include the 0D 0A statements at the end. you must check the box next to the packet before sending it, but once you are ready to send, just click the play button. whichever packets have a checkmark will send simultaneously.

* troubleshooting: in the event that your packets don't send, you need to do one of the following:

go to the original sent packet and right click on it. move down to "set send list with this socket id." sometimes the socket id will change, and if it doesn't match, your packets won't send.

most of the time it should be fine if you maintain a connection with the server, but if you for some reason lose the connection, or close the program, etc. then you need to adjust that socket id. if you find that doesn't work, re-log some packets that you send [repeat step 5-6] and try sending that socket id to the list.

if your sends don't work at this point you are doing something wrong [such as you forgot to choose the target program, if it happened to close]. re-select your program as the target program.

10] packet filtering

the final thing i'll show you is packet filtering. a filter will look for a packet being sent [not received] and it will change it to something else. i have not found a use for this except for maybe setting up a script or something. say you want to type "message" in the game and instead of that appearing, you want the text "hello how are you?" this is quite easy to setup. try to get around in wpe doing the following:

go to the tab. double click filter 1 to open it up and configure it.

under mode: select . because packets you modify in normal mode must be the same length as the packet sent, this can cause you lots of grief [thanks to realmhog for pointing this out to me in an earlier version of wpe]. just trust me when saying advanced mode is better, and you are less prone to find problems with this mode.

enter the same data in the search column as the packet you sent. if you add the packet to your list and open it up, you can select the packet and copy it. this becomes useful for long packets of data. in the example we used to send the text "hi" to the server, the code was: 32 30 20 68 69 0D 0A. enter that in the search column. next enter in the modify column: 32 30 20 68 69 20 68 69 0D 0A.

the above will search [or filter] any packets that match 32 30 20 68 69 0D 0A and convert it to 32 30 20 68 69 20 68 69 0D 0A. before anything else, make sure you select the checkmark next to the "filter 1." hit the enable "enable filter" button. this is important to turn your filter on and off, so don't forget to do this or your filter won't even activate. finally, type "hi" in the game now. notice something odd? you will notice that what shows up is not exactly what you typed. this is because before your packet was sent to the server, it was modified.

there are a few other options included in packet filtering, but it's pretty simple really. the biggest challenge for you is finding a use for filtering the packets. the whole point is to modify an outgoing packet. most of the other options on the filter dialog i have never used. i have used the function before which will simply block the packet from ever being sent to the server. some of the packet formats may differ, such as the difference between winsock 1.1 and 2.

* note: sometimes in vq2 when packet filtering, you need to type something else to see the filter. for example: if you just type "hi", the server may send nothing back, but your packet was filtered. i can't figure out why you have to send another packet through the game client to have it process, but i haven't had enough time to troubleshoot this. some day i may find out, but for now, just plan on needing to send two packets [you can send a blank message the second time].

understanding packet filters
if you really want to understand more, just take the tutorial i wrote and use it to help give you a general understanding of packets. i won't spoon feed you all the how-to's and information, go figure it out. seriously, play with the packet editor and see what happens. you're never going to learn anything unless you go and try to actually figure it out.

final note: be careful when using packet editors. some games don't allow the manipulation of packets, and if they detect it they will ban you. remember that i only write this for educational purposes only and i'm not responsible for how you use the programs or my tutorial. if you want to steal information out of here go ahead. link, steal, distribute, whatever, i don't really care if you give me credit or not, just learn something useful from this

by keritio *Edward*
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


acket editing is when you edit the packets coming to/from the Wizet servers. You are basicly decrpyting encrpyted data and changing it to whatever you want, then you send the edited packet and the effects take place.

What are the Pros of packet editing?

You have MapleStory in your hands when you packet edit. You can do basicly anything you want too. But be careful. GM's aint stupid nemore. My friends packet edited and got a +15att worth 200,000,000meso. He got caught because the GM's obviously knew something was going on.

What are the Cons of packet editing?

Well, a variety of things. First you can get IP banned in most cases, and in some cases off their website too, you can be tracked and have every single acc you made banned but still could play after all your acc's are banned. And I mean all of them, legit, retired, active, inactive, all of them. And you will be fined as a last resort, but that is extremely unlikely for you to be fined for cheating on some ****en video game.

What am I doing when im packet editing?

You are taking data from Wizet and decoding it to where you can change it, edit it, to your own, and send it. But if you dont know what the hell you are doing you are going to **** up the Wizet servers, and they are going to be pissed.

Why have I not seen so many Packet Editors?

Because its a huge risk. You can be stopped from playing MapleStory for the rest of your life. They can track you, by name, e-mail, phone#, even your ISP. They'll track you down, and they'll kill all the leechers who come to this topic. And the leechers will be banned for good because they wont know what the hell they doing. Its risky, but if you are very careful and know what you are doing. (Such as monster spawning, MP hacking) then the GM's wont get you. But dont switch your lvl from 1 to 200, That will get you IP banned forever. You dont want that. And I dont want that. So use your head.

What will I need?

You'll need a packet editor, silly! I am so nice that im actually going to give you one for free. I would of put it into attachments but sadly the max filesize is 4.77MB, my RAR of the packet editor is almost 6MB. So you can find it here.

Getting Started

Alright, open the program up and you'll find yourself not knowing what to do. Thats good, if you knew what to do you could be IP banned already. Now, you'll need to bypass their checks in their servers. Lol? Did you just say GGK? Naw that is bypassing GameGuard, silly. You'll need to bypass their actual computer database or firewalls, they aint going to let you in their database without a fight.

Now, open up maplestory. And monitor all the addresses, another one should appear, The date time should be when you just launched maplestory. Thats a packet! But we dont want to edit that kind of packet. That'll do no good. We'll have to dig deeper.

Diggin' Deeper

Now go into maplestory and login, you'll find a crap load of packets are being displayed on nsauditor. But, which one is which? Look into the Source of the address (where the address is coming from) and the destination (where the address is being sent). All the addresses that are from maplestory should all have the same destination .... the Wizet servers.

Learning to edit the packets

Now take the time to play around, just to see whats possible, but dont go overboard, if you dont know what you are doing then get outta the packet. You dont want to be IP banned the first time you packet edit.

Now I think you are ready to edit packets.

Jump Hack

Whats wrong? Disconnects? Bah, not with this. Jump once in the game and look back into the nsauditor. You'll see a newly added packet. Right click on it and go to "edit packet". (It should be TCP) and the packet size should be 128. From what I got. Now, double click on B5 and press ok. Now you'll see weird ass code, Go to tools > decrpytion, take it the time to decrpyt it (few minutes) Now change the jump addy (varies from person, but for every person it has 3 B's in it.) And switch the name of the addy to E2. Close the other window and come back to the line of hex code again. From there on switch the newly changed E2 back to the first array of the code and switch it with 0B01 (from position) that means that the array will use E2 instead of 0B01. Now close it, and go back to maple. You should be jumping as high as the top wall without d/cing.

MP Hack

Go into maplestory and use a skill that you want to use that uses MP. use it only once! Then go to nsauditor and edit hex D8 from the bottom. Double click, and once again decrpyt it. Change all of the values with numbers between 1-100 to 0. Close it, reopen, they should be at 10 now, switch them all to 0 again and change the bottom value from 0 to 1. Now close it, go back into maplestory, and use the skill again, go back into the hex and the value that you changed to 1 should be the amount of MP used to that skill. You know what to do. Switch it from the # it is now to 0. Congrads! Now that skill uses 0 MP!

Fly Hack

Simple, Go to maplestory, jump once, go to the newly added addy, edit hex A6. Switch all values to 50. (any greater will D/C you) and close. Now you fly hack. congrads.

Trade Hack

For private reasons, I am not going to tell you how to do this. But from here on out, I think you can find out for yourself, genius.

Server-Sided clothes hack

You have to be careful with this, this can get you IP banned instantaneously if your level is below the requirement of the item. or for Str, Dex, etc.

Go to Hex DF and decrpyt it. Now you should see a whole sheatload of values, these values should be the values of the item of which you have equiped. Unequip it the value goes to 0. Switch the value to the # of the item. Now unequip your old item, it should go from the # of the item that you want to 0. switch the 0 to the # of the item you want again. This time switch the code to the bottom of the hex. and erase the last part. So only the clothes values remain. Go back into maplestory and equip your crap again and change it back to the # of the item. Congrads! You now have the item! But be careful, my friend was doing this and got IP banned in 10 minutes of having a +7 10% devils on him. o.O

Wall Vac (vac flying monsters)

Go into maplestory and kill a monster, come back out and go to D9. Now decrpyt it and go to the top 2 values (4 values in total) these represent the wall's demensions. Now using a UCE, get your char X and char Y coordinates. switch the top 2 to the char X coordinate and the bottom 2 to the char Y coordinate. Erase the bottom code and save it, close it and watch all the monsters vac to you. Even nepedaths!

Item Vac

This will make all the items come to you from around the map. It will even pick up loot that isn't yours. Go to henesys hunting ground I and turn it on, hah! It'll be halarious, but it wont be so funny when you get IP banned.

Go to A3. And switch all the values that are at 0 to 9999. Now, listen closely, this is a little complicated. Duplicate the top set of code and make another set of it (copy&paste) do the same for the bottom set. Now you have 4 sets. with 4 different values, e.g 525 525 and -727 and -727. (I read from top to bottom) Now, switch the 525 (first top value) to the value of the top wall. Switch the second value to the value of the left wall. Switch the first -727 (3rd value) to the bottom wall and switch the last value to the right wall. Now erase the first top code (NOT 525) that has the 50 in it. Now replace it with the value with the 99999. This time switch the secondary code with 99999 to 1. Go back in maplestory and press Z. In one time you press Z, every single item in the map will come to you and it will be picked up. But dont do this in public, You'll get reported and if the GM's catch you packet editing you'll be smacked in the face. I recommend using this in places where the loot scatters everywhere e.g zakum or pianus or even grims or something.

Scroll Hack

Go to D4 from the bottom, Decrpyt, and scroll down the extremely long list until you found the scroll you want to succeed in a 100%, (by that i mean the 10% scroll or 60% the # of the scroll found in sauna website) Now, delete the bottom code (make sure you dont delete any of the code other than the item # itsself) and then switch the value to 0 (should be 566), Go back into maplestory and look (mouse over scroll) on the scroll. Leave it over the scroll and go back into the packet, the 566 which is set to 0 should be 566 again. Now duplicate it and make another set. Make one 566 and another 0. Now copy the basic code from the top and change the value from 10 to 100 (which is the success percentage) but if you go to MS it'll just go back to 10! Go to the value with the 0 and switch it to 566 also. switch the old 566 to 100. Now switch the 10 to 100 and use the scroll. Taaa da! DO THIS RIGHT OR ELSE YOU'LL LOSE A GODDAM SCROLL!

Thats all im going to post up, Because thats all i can do right now. Tell me what else I should find because im bored right now. Bah, remember! I am not responsible for your IP ban.


Q: I try to use the Wall Vac but non of the monsters are being vacced! Only players! Whats wrong?

A: You need to make sure that you erase the bottom code. Which prevents the monsters from being vacced.

Q: When I packet edit I get BSOD, whats wrong?

A: You have been detected packet editing. You better find a bypass next time, they track you...

Q: Why are you teaching us to packet edit? It'll just get patched?

A: Yes, it probably will, but I can make another bypass. Its all cool.

Q: Its taking me hours to decrpyt! Whats wrong?

A: Your computer is to slow to decrpyt the packets. Make sure you have at least a 1.5GHz with 512MB of RAM. And dont run so much applications in the backround.

Q: Will I get arrested? Will I be put in jail? Will I be fined?

A: No, No, And unlikely.

Q: I got my IP banned! I can't play MapleStory anymore!

A: Sucks to be you.

Q: My destinations on MapleStory are all different, whats happening?

A: Different packets go to different servers, I suppose. But some of them should have the same destination.

Q: I got fined for illegally packet editing and hacking!

A: Sucker.

Q: Omg I no get this too complicated Pl0x hook me up with some hackz plz kthx

A: Go shoot a gun up your ass.

Q: Does packet editing get you hungry sometimes?

A: yes, very much. I usually eat some pizza afterwards.

Q: Whats your favorite color?

A: Red, keep it to packet editing please.

Q: How come the FAQ's are so long?

A: Because you ask to many questions.

Q: I got shot by the FBI in the leg and dragged to court and sentenced for life because i packet edited! Omg pl0x!

A: Lol?

Q: All the code is all encypted even after decrpytion, wtf is wrong?

A: Either you got detected, or the packets owned your bypass.

Q: When I change my IP I still can't play MapleStory after I got IP banned!

A: As a said. They track you. Name, Email, ISP, address, Computer info, Phone #, they got connections, You'll have to s

"Once the process has started there's no simple way of stopping it"

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Packet Editing / Game Hacking
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